Indian River Reptile Zoo is a non-profit charity. Please help support us in caring for unwanted and abandoned reptiles!

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now open

fridays, saturdays, & sundays

 10AM - 5PM!

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  • Nature Trail*
  • Picnic Area*
  • Giant Croc Slide*
  • Bone Yard*
  • Croc-Walk


A favourite attraction of many!

Bring your socks & slide down 30 feet below the belly of the beast!

Please Note: 

  1. >Socks must be worn
  2. >Must be 3ft or taller


* Please note some activities and events are weather & circumstance permitting.

Please call  ahead to confirm.


Things to do


Zoo Admission

Admission Rates:
Adult: $20.00
Senior and Youth: $15.00
Child: $10.00
Under 3: Free
**We offer special discount group rates for 10 or more people!**

 *Special Needs Rate: 50% Discount*

Please Note: The Indian River Reptile Zoo is closed until March 10th, 2017

The Indian River Reptile Zoo 

Bringing Canada’s Premier Reptile Zoo to YOU! Dynamic, interactive presentations feature unusual and exotic reptiles.

  • Live Educational Lectures*
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  • See Stonehenge
  • Step in a T-Rex Footprint*
  • See Dinosaur Bones & Skeletons